Running Coaching

I am a multi-accredited endurance coach but I use a Lydiard style approach to training endurance runners (5k through to marathon and beyond). I provide groups coached sessions for beginners and improvers and also train 1:1, in person and remotely. I can create a plan specifically tailored to your needs to enable you to reach your running goals. No two plans are the same. That’s because we are each quite different; even if we run about the same parkrun times, we probably have different training histories, lifestyles, stresses, and demands on our time. We may also have specific issues, such as previous injuries, that need to be taken into account. There is no ’off the shelf’ plan, just clear proven physiological principles applied to your specific needs and with your goal and timeframe in mind.

If you aren’t quite ready to start a running plan, I can help you get the required levels of fitness through a mixed approach that addresses diet, recovery and conditioning as well as running. 

Personal Training

I genuinely believe that humans feel better if they maintain fitness levels and I want to enable those who wish to pursue fitness for its health benefits, or for personal goals, to be given an opportunity to make real progress and to avoid habitual setbacks due to training errors. Personal training is all about the individual.

I use a holistic approach to help you identify your real goals. Together we refine them so as to make them realistic for you, given the many demands on your time and energy. I hold accreditations in nutrition and yoga in addition to running coaching and gym-based strength training and women’s specific coaching so I apply this breath of perspective to help you make progress. 

Each person’s plan is unique to them – it’s never a ‘reworked general weekly plan for allcomers’! I believe that if you are signing up to personal training, that is what you want! That way, you have the best possible assistance in ensuring, week to week, the plan flexes and adapts to take your life circumstances into account and to progressively move you towards you goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way. 

Hatha Yoga Teacher & Meditation Personal Training

As a Hatha Yoga teacher I draw on centuries-old eastern philosophies and practices to help improve wellbeing through physical exercise. I focus on the slow deep calming effects of Ujjayi breathing to help individuals rebalance their physical systems whilst they also incorporate the benefits of the physical aspects of yoga – improving balance, flexibility, mobility and strength.  This more gentle approach suits those who may not yet be ready for more strenuous forms of exercise. My particular interest interests in stress management and endurance running help to shape the way I practice yoga. 

My Meditation Personal Training service uses a secular approach which is easy for anyone to learn and to apply in daily life. Unlike some more traditional meditation approaches, this is a very simple method but one that is surprisingly effective. It uses key aspects of the traditional methods – breathing – but there is no requirement to purchase any specific kit, no need to learn to sit in a particular way or to read any reference books. As part of the short introductory course, you also learn about mindfulness – the ability to remain in the present moment – something that is incredibly valuable in helping you get the most out of your ‘moments in life’!

Hatha Yoga and Meditation bring many benefits – stress reduction and a calm mind amongst them and these benefits are now well-recognised by health practitioners worldwide.

woman walking on pathway during daytime