Foot Care

As runners, having healthy feet is crucial. We ask a lot of these relatively small parts. Every time we move about, even when standing, they bear our bodyweight. When running, each foot absorbs significant impact forces, varying from about three times our body weight at slower paces to seven times bodyweight in sprinting. The way […]

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Balancing Act – Part 2

How do I fit all my training in? Part 2 – scheduling, concurrent training, periodisation. Now that we have considered the types of training to include in our plan, and how we monitor our response to training sessions and the recovery requirements generated, we need to think about exactly how to schedule and implement our

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Balancing Act – Part 1

Structuring Your Training Part 1 – the basics: training relevance, impact on recovery, managing recovery. Firstly – Congratulations! Simply knowing that our training as runners includes more than just running is a huge step in the right direction. Non-running sessions can serve to maintain our muscles, bones, and soft tissues; improve our flexibility, balance, and

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